You’re Not Alone In Complaining About Technology: But What Are You Going to Do About It?

grade.jpgEarlier today I noticed my computer running incredibly slow. Sure the hard disk space is not as high as it should be (pushing only 5GB free) but, it should not be running that slowly. My internet connection is my home office is slow at times. I could go on.
I know I’m not the only one with these types of complaints, according to some research part of a Reinvent Mobile campaign launched by the CMO Council’s Forum to Advance the Mobile experience. Tthe monitoring of virtual chatter and digital discourse in blogs, forums and review web sites by Fractal Analytics has produced some clear and apparent needs among Internet actives using mobile computers.
The new Track the Yack voice of customer (VOC) study gathered nearly 10,000 distinct sentiments based on some 4,000 online conversations between mobile PC users. Topping the list of gripes and groans among users are poor customer service and prohibitive repair costs, often leading to unnecessary obsolescence and eWaste. In addition, discussion analytics revealed these top concerns for users:

  • Systems are overloaded and congested, taxing memory and performance
  • Boot-up time is wasted time that lasts too long and reduces productivity
  • Too many unnecessary software add-ons are slowing down mobile PCs
  • The tribulations of too many trial software offers and applications is an issue
  • Heat build-up and noise during continuous operation is a hot area of irritation
  • Power management and batteries need a boost to buy more operating time
  • Trying to connect is often a disconnect, particularly in the wireless world
  • Weight weighs heavily on their decision about what system to buy
  • Poor ergonomics and badly designed input devices are a strain
  • Insufficient RAM, weak graphics, faulty motherboards are big areas of complaint
  • Complaints about poor sound quality are something vendors should listen to

If you find your computer or other technology not working quite the way it should work, I would recommend you schedule a “maintenance” session with your local technology consultant. They can review your computers and suggest you get new ones, help you increase hard disk space, add more memory and/or other things as needed.
Don’t neglect your computer network, copiers and printers as well. If the technology you have is old, slow and broken down, consider a technology refreshment – upgrade.
Not only will your employees work better, like working in a new office versus one that’s dreary, but they will experience a dramatic boost in productivity due to technology working at its optimal speed.
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  1. Miles Technologies

    Great recommendation to schedule a maintenance session with a technology consultant! We encourage our customers to take a proactive approach to technology with regular monitoring and maintenance. Doing so can keep systems running smoothly while vastly reducing costs associated with downtime and system failure.

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