Big Screens For Customer Service: Beyond NFL and LIving Room Entertainment

When was the last time you used a big screen LCD? Watching TV in your living room, airport/hotel TV or the inauguration? When was the last time you used a touch screen TV? Maybe your local ATM machine or airport check in?
When was the last time you used a big screen – touch screen? If you haven’t you’re missing out on a good looking and productive boosting tool to increase how your in-person customers interact with your business.
HP’s dx9000 TouchSmart Business PC is a 24lb, 21″ (width) touch screen computer. By itself the dx9000 is impressive, but it’s more impressive when you add customized applications that can take advantage of its touch screen capabilities and its size.
I covered the consumer version here but this release is HP’s version for businesses.

HP explained that the difference between the professional and consumer versions are the vertical applications. Both versions include the same applications for photos, videos, and music. HP said that for the dx9000 TouchSmart Business PC, HP is working with a number of software partners to develop applications tailored to healthcare, hospitality, education, among other verticals. One in particular is GuestMVP, an application for sports arenas/VIP hospitality suites that allows users to order merchandise, food beverage via the TouchSmart as well as watch sports replays, etc.
If you’re looking to liven up the customer experience in your office or retail store a large touch screen computer can help. Imagine, instead of your customers sitting in a waiting room reading old, ripped, food stained magazines they can find more information about using your products in their business through a touch screen interface.
If you’re interested in a neat way to impress your customers, HP’s dx9000 or Microsoft’s Surface could be of interest to you.