Single Sign On Hosted Applications: Enhanced Security, Boosted Productivity

symantec-goanywhere.pngMost of us are using a range of hosted applications during the normal course of our professional or personal lives. We logon to Hotmail, Google Docs, Zoho and other online tools without thinking. We blog using Blogger, TypePad or other tools. We edit photos using Adobe’s online phote editing service. I could go on.
Using a browser with multiple tabs is what many of us do. However, the logon information is associated with the computer you save the information to. If you are using another computer, such as one at an airport, a client’s office or any other computer, the logon information for the hosted applications you use won’t be there. Another thing to keep in mind is security. Whatever computer you are using stores information about your online activity.
Symantec Labs recently launched a new service, GoEverywhere(beta) which boosts the security and productivity of your use of hosted applications.
According to Symantec, The GoEverywhere beta provides small businesses and individuals a secure, scalable and worry-free computing environment that reduces costs relating to hardware, software, storage and IT management. The beta service allows customers to reach their online Web applications from a centralized location and choose from a selection of third-party Web-based applications for word processing, slide making, spreadsheet work and Web-based email. GoEverywhere removes the need to switch between multiple websites to access preferred Web-based applications and eases online file management by providing a single aggregated view of multiple third-party online storage accounts.
GoEverywhere provides a secure platform to enable single sign on to various hosted applications, including online file management tools such as Instead of using multiple browsers or tabs and wondering if your online session is secure, Symantec’s GoEverywhere provides a layer of security and convenience.

Symantec told me that GoEverywhere’s secure ‘Single Sign-On’ functionality provides simplified password management making access to online services convenient and easy to manage. This is very different from a browser remembering the passwords. The browser you are using is tied to a single physical computer’s credentials, so you would not be able to access those applications from a different computer or mobile device without remembering your password and often additional authentication questions. Also if your computer was stolen, anyone launching your browser favorites, could immediately access your password protected applications. With GoEverywhere’s approach to secure computing, it uses multi-level password encryption and two-factor authentication to access the GoEverywhere workspace, which then enables you to access all your applications through a single sign on process on any device with a Web browser. Once you log out of the GoEverywhere workspace you will not leave a trace of your activities on that computer.
There are so many online applications available, as you increase your use of them ensuring you are as secure and productive as possible is important.
Symantec’s new service reminds of Green Border technologies, which Google bought in May 2007. Green Border lets you access web sites in a completely protected environment. If you get attacked by a virus or a web site tries to attack you through malicious coding Green Border keeps your entire environment protected and secure.