Can You Hear Me Now? Low Cell Signal In Your Home Or Office? Boost It With A Network Extender.

verizon-wireless-can-you-hear-me-now.jpgIf you find that you need to use your cell phone in your home office or business but the calls keep getting dropped and/or you can’t hear people too well you might want to consider getting a cell phone signal booster. These appliances are plugged into the wall and capture the faint signals your cell phone has difficulty accessing. The signals are then boost within your office or home to your cell phone, for a stronger signal.
These cell phone boosters, or network extenders have been around for a while from “geek shops” and recently Verizon announced their own “Verizon Network Wireless Extender“.
“Our new Network Extender device will bring the full benefit of the Verizon Wireless voice network to the small but important segment of customers who may experience a weaker signal in their homes because of geographic or structural conditions,” said Jack Plating, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Verizon Wireless. “Current and prospective customers have told us they want this, and we are responding to that demand. For those who have wanted to sign up for Verizon Wireless service but hesitated because of reception problems unique to their home location, this is the answer.”
Expect to pay around $250 for Verizon’s device. If you Google “cell phone booster” you’ll find many companies that sell these boosters for a similar price.
Network Extender is ideal for customers who want to enhance the wireless signal when making voice calls, sending text/picture/video messages, accessing Mobile Web or accessing smartphone/BlackBerry data in situations that could include houses with structural barriers; basement rooms; or some remote, mountainous or hilly areas. Network Extender also can provide improved network access for customers living on the geographical fringes of the Verizon Wireless network. Network Extender does not support EV-DO speeds and services that require it.