Computing In The Cloud: How It Can Benefit You More Than You Think

cloude-rackspace.gifFor most of us, cloud computing means that you are using a hosted application such as Microsoft Office Live, or a hosted email application. These Internet based applications are only part of cloud or hosted computing. There are more ways to benefit – including saving money and dramatically boosting productivity.
If you want to take cloud computing to the next level it’s important to understand that that it can do much more for your business if you strategically integrate it into your business operations. Why do many people initially start off with cloud computing in the first place?
First of all, its easy. You type in the web address to your hosted application and begin using it. No software to install or worries about it crashing your computer.
Second of all its easily expandable. Maybe you need to roll out an application(s) to four other offices. Instead of installing physical software on the notebook computers of your employees or deploying it on servers in remote offices, you can ask all authorized persons to access the application with a web browser.
Let’s now consider how expanded use of cloud computing can work

Hosting company Rackspace and other companies, including, are enabling businesses to leverage their massive server space and access it via the Internet. Whether it’s a programmer who needs server space, or a business using the space for on-demand processing power, businesses leverage cloud computing in their day to day operations can expect better performance.
Some of the offerings from Rackspace include:
Cloud Sites which offers a scalable platform for handling huge traffic spikes and a pay-as-you-grow pricing model. Cloud Sites is a heterogeneous environment, supporting both Windows and Linux.
Cloud Files is Rackspace’s internet-based storage service which gives developers instant access to an enterprise-grade storage infrastructure and reduces overall investment and IT costs while providing infinite scalability. Through a partnership with Limelight Networks, Rackspace allows developers to easily distribute content to millions of end users around the world and bring scalable content delivery and application acceleration services to the masses.
Cloud Servers will deliver on-demand server capacity to businesses of all sizes.
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