Data Doesn’t Have to be Boring

Generating reports in QuickBooks is important for you to easily see cash flow and so many other core metrics of your businesses success.
Seeing numbers is nice, but charts (bar, pie, etc.) can give you an even clearer view your data. Now, what if you could take things a step further and see the data represented in even more powerful ways?
Thumbnail image for spatialkey_map.png
Customer Explorer is a new application from SpatialKey available on the Intuit Partner Platform. From the press release: “Customer Explorer from SpatialKey allows small businesses to quickly see geographic and temporal trends in their QuickBooks customer data. Built exclusively on Intuit’s cloud computing PaaS, the Intuit Partner Platform (and only possible because of the platform’s packaged QuickBooks integration), this application brings a new level of BI to small businesses. “
The program reads customer data from QuickBooks, and then sends address information to a third party geocoding service so information can be displayed on a map and reported geographically. There are different templated displays that allow you to customize the graphic views – even an animated one to show trends that aren’t visible in static snapshots.
Check out the demo here: w/support/intuit.cfm

Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,