Review: A Place For “Dummies” By Experts

dummies.gifI hate the word dummy. As a technologist, many of my peers use that word in reference to them not being able to do something technically. Maybe they can’t download a file, connect their online telephone system or figure out what’s wrong with their computer – they feel stupid or “like a dummy”. I always tell them its simply a matter of expertise. My expertise is not plumbing, financial management, law or health care. I don’t feel like a dummy in these areas, maybe a bit helpless, but that’s why I call on the experts.
The Dummies series of books, a branded imprint of John Wiley & Sons, Inc has relaunched Close your eyes for a minute and think of all the Dummies books. The topics cover everything – computers, law, photography, child care, cooking, fitness and more. Now imagine that the vast information in these books is online!
The books are valuable resources but sometimes you need more or want the information differently. has a library of how-to videos, knowledgeable bloggers, photo step-by-steps, and expanded instructional articles. If you are looking for jargon free knowledge, is one place you want to bookmark.

  • How-to videos
  • Articles written by experts in their fields
  • Blogs from bestselling For Dummies authors
  • Photo step-by-steps that illustrate how to complete projects simply
  • A selection of topical newsletters
  • Sweepstakes with premium prizes

Other resources for businesses include,, and of course the web sites of magazines such as Inc, Entrepreneur,, New York Enterprise Report and Wall Street Journal.