.Tel – A New Domain That’s More Than Cool. Powerful Business Contact Information

telnic.jpgA domain name is one of the most important assets your company can have, besides great employees and a few other things.
With a great domain name, you have what’s like the good foundation of a house. I still see some people, business people by the way, using an AOL, Yahoo or Gmail domain name – but it’s much more professional to have a domain name with YOUR company’s name in it – like www.yourcompany.com or www.smallbiztechnology.com for that matter.
There’s a new top level domain name (the part of the domain name that is the “.com”, or “.net”) and it’s a .tel domain name. it serves as a digital calling card for your corporate (or personal) information. .tel is different from a regular domain name in a few ways.
According to the Telnic the company managing the .tel domain name, when you input a traditional domain name, such as www.dell.com, into your browser, it queries the Domain Name System (DNS). The DNS replies with an IP Address, Then your browser uses the IP address to locate IBM’s website.

When you input a .tel domain, Hertz.tel, into your web browser, it queries the DNS. The DNS does not return an IP Address as with other domains. Rather, it returns the contact information and keywords that Hertz chose to store directly in the DNS. You can then click on one of the contact details provided by Hertz (tel, email, skype, etc…) and be immediately connected.
Having a .tel domain name means that customers and prospective customers going to your .tel address from their cell phones can more easily get your contact information as the .tel information is perfectly formatted for cell phones. Or you could setup a special .tel domain for voting or surveys!
One registrar sells the domain for $125. This is much more expensive than $5 or so for a .com domain name, but if the .tel domain explodes and especially if you want a neat vanity domain name…the $125 is worth while investment.