Web Conference Via On Premise Appliance – No Monthly Fee

rhub.jpgThe only web conferencing system I’ve used is the ones from Gotomeeting, WebEx and others. These work well but do require you to download a plug-in to have these services properly work with your browser. Sometimes this is at the least an annoying and at the most a challenging task for some users. For the administrator of these services you also have to pay a monthly fee.
RHUB’s TurboMeeting technology delivers what it claims is the first “Guaranteed Attendance with No Download” Web Conferencing appliance in the marketplace, RHUB’s “no download”, patent pending technology guarantees everyone with a browser from any platform (Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, iPhone, etc.) can join a meeting within 5 seconds.
Addressing the issue of monthly payments, customers only pay a one time purchase price for TurboMeeting. TurboMeeting typically provides a pay back of three to five months from the savings of subscription fees to service providers.
RHUB adds other technologies to their appliance such as allowing customers also conduct webinars, deliver remote support to clients, and to have remote access to personal PCs- all with one box.
What does this cost? $1,000 for 2 meeting rooms with a total of 10 concurrent users, At the much higher end you could pay $8,000 for 25 meeting rooms with 100 concurrent users. Calculate how much you now pay for online meetings and see if this appliance would be cost effective for you.