Your Next TV Advertisement: How The Internet Makes It Availalble for Everyone

tvwatching.jpgClose your eyes and think about how difficult it was to create web sites, 10 – 15 years ago? Your best option, for a good web site, was to hire a web designer. Web sites and other related online technologies were black boxes to many people. Hence the popularity of AOL.
However, over the years ISPs and other companies got smarter and started making it easier and easier for just about anyone to create their own web sites. Of course you can still hire a web designer, and should if you want the web site to look great and have advanced functionality, but building your own first (starter) web site is quite easy to do. Now the big question: Can you place your own TV advertisement? I don’t think so. Until now.
Your best bet was to hire a professional advertising company to help you place, create and measure the advertisements results.
However, Google, as expected is now even making TV advertising easy. Google AdWords has made it easy for every business to place cost per click advertisements all over the Internet, AdWords is now letting you place TV advertisements (not cost per click!).

If you don’t have an advertisement you can create one for free from Google’s partner SpotMixer. SpotMixer’s platform automatically converts an advertiser’s existing AdWords text ad into a tailored video ad within the advertiser’s AdWords account. The solution dynamically changes templates and content to ensure that each video is different and provides customers with easy options to further customize their ads.
Placing your first TV advertisement is not much more difficult than creating a text advertisement. It’s all about:

  • Selecting your audience type
  • Selecting where the advertisement should place
  • Selecting how much to spend
  • Selecting which advertisement to run

TV advertising is not for every business. But being able to try it and see if it works for you, is much better than investing thousands of dollars in an advertisement that won’t work. Google lets you test, try, test, try.