Beauty Salons and Spas Need Technology Too: Point of Sale Solutions

beautfy-salon.jpgI don’t frequent beauty salons all that much, but the few times I’ve been in them – with my daughter or wife – they are a VERY paper based, cash only operation.
Sure the fancy, snazzy ones in the mall or in Manhattan have high end fixtures and computers systems, but those in local neighborhoods around where I live are often pretty simple, low key operations.
The owners use paper and pen to schedule appointments, manage cash, order supplies and more.
Towards the end of this month, Invenstar LLC, a developer of financial technology products for small businesses, will launch its TouchSuite Salon POS touchscreen management system at America’s Beauty Show in Chicago.
I sat through a video demonstration of this all in one point of sale system and I can imagine the productivity gains that a salon will have over one that stuck in the world of paper and pen.
The neatest thing about the TouchSuite is that it uses a touch screen interface for most everything. When you’ve got your hands filled with conditioner and a hot comb, the last thing you want to do is move a mouse and peck on a keyboard. More than a fancy cash register the TouchSuite helps manage client booking, check out, staff management, inventory and marketing for maximum revenue and business growth.
Maybe you’re not into the salon or spa business but construction, law, finance or something else. There are dozens of custom solutions for your business as well. Intuit, Sage, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, NetSuite and others have vertical solutions to help you manage your business more effecdtively and in fact GROW it.