Can You Make Real Money in a Virtual World?

Seems like we used to hear about Second Life a lot, but not so much lately. Once you got past the whole “check it out, I’m in a video game” thing, a lot of people really didn’t know what else to do there.
However, a new book from AMACOM claims to teach readers how to market and sell their products, services, and brand “in-world”.
From the press release:
THE UNOFFICIAL GUIDE TO BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS IN THE SECOND LIFE® VIRTUAL WORLD shares relevant examples of well-known companies and individuals who have discovered the enormous potential of Second Life®, from IBM creating a collaborative virtual workspace, to Princeton University offering Second Life® classrooms, to Kraft foods creating a Second Life® supermarket featuring over 70 new foods and beverages. Readers will find out about publishers who have hosted author events “in-world,” and companies that have gotten into the mix by purchasing land and building stores so they can interact with customers, unveil new products, and even provide customer support. And that’s just the start.
THE UNOFFICIAL GUIDE TO BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS IN THE SECOND LIFE® VIRTUAL WORLD reveals the best ways to make money using the hottest virtual world.

The book is available through several online booksellers – links via AMA’s website.
Anyone out there making real money in Second Life? Let us know about it.
Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,

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