Capture and Manage Leads from Your Website in Real Time

Thumbnail image for demandbase_logo.jpgWe wrote about Demandbase after the company’s launch last Fall, including their browser-less widget called Demandbase Stream, which runs like a ticker on your desktop and allows you to see which businesses are visiting your website, what their search string was to get there, and contact information – all in real time.. They’ve upgraded the application so that it works directly with and LinkedIn, and improved the delivery of leads generated from the traffic on your website.
We asked a Demandbase spokesperson for more details on the new aspects of the service.
Please explain how this works with LinkedIn and Salesforce – does it search these networks/databases for contacts that match traffic visiting your site?
Demandbase integrates directly with AppExchange, the benefits being that, once you drag contacts into your shopping cart, Demandbase will check your existing database to make sure you aren’t paying for leads you already have (checks it and won’t let you buy duplicate contacts). It also automatically tags contacts in Stream that are in your SalesForce database when the ticker comes across. As for LinkedIn, users can click on a contact and then cross reference directly with LinkedIn, to see if you have any connections with that person (either directly or indirectly).

Can you highlight for us what’s new in this version – is the email delivery of leads?

Demandbase Professional is an automated solution that integrates all of Demandbase’s core offerings and routes the lead directly to the appropriate sales person. So, where Demandbase Stream would identify the companies and enable you to cross reference with DB Central, Demandbase Professional automates the entire process and then routes the lead. And, it does a lot more in terms of analytics, filtering etc. Here’re are some of the new features:
Daily Lead Report – The Daily Lead Report shows all businesses within the customer’s target market that visited the website on the previous day. A summary of the previous day’s activity, including a list of the best business contacts for sales and marketing follow up with, complete with contact details, is automatically delivered as a CSV file via email daily that can easily be imported into CRM or Marketing Automation systems or routed to the appropriate team for follow-up.
WebLeads™ – The most relevant business contacts, or WebLeads, are presented within the Demandbase Professional application for follow-up. Business contacts include full name, title, company, industry, address, phone, and in most cases, email address. For each business, WebLeads includes the date, number of visits and pages viewed for each visit.
B2B Web Analytics – Demandbase Professional provides a new breed of B2B web analytics to improve marketing and sales performance. Detailed trend reports on web traffic are displayed in an easy-to-read graphical format, revealing trends around percentage of traffic from business demographics such as specific industries or company sizes. Trends may be viewed by day, week or month.
Profile Matching and Filtering – Create custom profiles defined by industry, geography and company size, then run reports detailing those visitors who match the profile, as well as the percentage of your traffic that meets the profile criteria both daily and over time.
Trend Analysis – Track trends by industry, geography, company size, and target vs. non-target visitors. Trend analysis helps you measure the effectiveness of your sales and marketing campaigns, adapt to fluctuations in demand and build historical views of web traffic.
Lead Routing – Easily build custom routing rules that specify which leads are routed to various individuals or groups for follow-up. For example, all West Coast leads may be automatically routed to a western territory sales representative, or auto industry leads may be routed to an industry marketing manager.