Do You Really Need to Lug that Laptop? It Depends.

Lately we’ve noticed a growing popularity of netbooks – we’re seeing them used more and more as people are simply tired of lugging around 5 – 10lbs of metal just to get online, type some messages, show some video or edit a PowerPoint presentation. More and more professionals are simply throwing their keys, phones and netbooks into a bag and going to their day’s appointments.
Can a netbook replace your old laptop? That depends. If you don’t need a lot of software or heavy duty computing power, a netbook can be a cost-effective alternative for web browsing, checking email, instant messaging, making VoIP calls, and streaming video. While some people happily get by just using their smart phones for all these things, sometimes you really want a full sized keyboard (like those of us who still hate thumb typing) or a bigger screen to show someone else a presentation or demo.
Dell and HP both make netbooks, and Acer continues to introduce new inexpensive versions as well. For example, Acer’s new Aspire One AOD150, starting at $350, comes with a 10.1 inch screen and has a built in web cam and microphone. It weighs under three pounds and promises up to six hours of computing time on one battery charge.
Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,

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  1. GoEverywhere Team

    I agree netbooks can definitely replace your latop depending on how you are using it. At the GoEverywhere blog we recently talked about using netbooks as a viable business solution. We have a great webtop (like a personal desktop on the web) which aggregates your files and runs all of your SaaS applications. One of the best features is the single quick login to access everything. At GoEverywhere we are currently offering a free beta version which would definitely help you maximize your netbook purchase. The netbook could be a great new tool for you especially if the thumb typing is getting a bit old!

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