Email Security and Filtering: In Side Or Outside Your Office

Thumbnail image for securityring.jpgEmail is probably the most important communication mechanism your company has. However it’s also one of the most annoying communication methods due to the spam and malicious email you receive on a minute to minute basis.
What you have to do is ensure your email server is protected from these threats for the sake of securing your corporate data, confidence of your customers and to minimize downtime by employees deleting spam.
If you host your own email, on a server, which I do not recommend for most small businesses, you’ll probably have some degree of email security and spam protection built into the server. These solutions are good. However, you might want to consider outsourcing your email security to a vendor who scans your email before it ever reaches your network.
If you just consider spam alone, some companies are so inundated with spam, their employees are wasting time deleting it or the influx of spam is a drain on the company’s servers.
The benefit of having your email protected by an outsourced mail “cleaning” service, according to Mailprotector is:

  • Few, if any, malicious emails can penetrate the corporate networks
  • No internal resources are needed to maintain the email system. This cuts down on the internal staff needed to manage email applications.
  • In the event of an outage, the customer has a copy of all emails sent and received because everything is routed through the “cleaning service”. I’m not sure if all email security companies offer this service, but Mailprotetor does.

Managed email security:, as the service is sometimes called, is all part of a philosophy you should consider, in consultation with your local IT consultant to outsource as much of your technology (and other business processes) to experts who can provide what you need at an aggressive price and highest quality.
Other provides of email security include:
Perimeter Email Security
Message Labs (part of Symantec)
St. Bernard
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