File Access: Remote, On Premise, Online and More

egnyte.gifEgnyte is a service that enables you to have access to your files, remotely. You can easily share files with others and have complete access to your documents anywhere you can get access to a web browser and/or the Internet . What’s also neat is that in the same way you access your “c:” drive “p:” drive or other drive letter (be it a USB key, hard disk or file server) you can access your hosted Egnyte drive as well.
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If you did not have access to the Internet you would have no access to your files. However, Egnyte has released new technology which enables you to have access to your files whether you have access to the Internet or not – through online or offline file access. This sounds simple, but I think it’s truly revolutionary. It reminds me of (now owned by Microsoft) and how their service enabled awesome collaboration and communication online and when offline you could still work and have your work synchronized back to the online service.
For those of you who are tired of maintaining your traditional server, but have been afraid of having all of your files only available in the “cloud” Egnyte’s local storage solution is something you should definitely consider.
According to Egnyte’s press release the Egnyte Local Cloud is an easy to install, self-managing on premise solution. It provides a full, up to date local copy of all files from the On Demand File Server and can be set up to run off any commodity off-the-shelf storage device, as well as any PC or MAC computer.
There’s much more than just remote and on premise access to files, but Egnyte makes it easy to share files, search for files and access files on iPhones and eventually more mobile devices.
Key features of Egnyte Local Cloud include:

Offline Access – Egnyte Local Cloud provides you with offline redundancy to your files. In the event of an internet connection not being available, you can directly access the files from the Direct Attached Storage Drive. When the Internet connectivity is restored, Egnyte automatically synchronizes the changed files to the On Demand File Server.
Faster Access to Large Files – Certain application files can be large, such as Photoshop or CAD files. Editing these locally is much faster than accessing these files over the Internet. The Egnyte Local Cloud allows you to edit these files locally. Once you close those files, changes are automatically copied to the On-Demand File Server. You do not need no maintain versions of this file since Egnyte’s On-Demand File Server automatically creates versions of files.
Work Locally, Access Globally – When you are in the office, you can edit your files on the Egnyte Local Cloud. When you are out of the office, you can access these files via the On-Demand File Server. Similarly, when you have distributed teams where some people work in the office and some outside, the Egnyte Local Cloud combined with the On-Demand File Server, gives you a seamless access to these files.