Flash Drives: Backup, Store, Encrypt Your Files

sandiskbackup-flashdrive.jpgFlash drives are as common as pocket change for just about everyone who uses a computer. Students, professionals, pastors, doctors and lawyers all carry flash drives in their pockets, purses or store them in a nearby drawer
SanDisk recently released a series of 8, 16, 32 and 64GB flash drives that not only store information but also backup your data at the touch of a button.
There’s a lot of backup options you have for your corporate and personal data.
Online backup solutions are very good, but if you need a file “right now” and find Internet access intermittent, then an online system won’t work. CDs and DVD’s are useful, but when was the last time you really wanted to carry one of those plastic disks around.
The only challenge with carrying around a small flash drive with your life’s work on it is that if you lose the drive, and I know many of you have, or break the drive you could be losing a lot more than a piece of plastic. While carrying a bike for my daughter, one of my flash drives, was crushed in my pocket some years ago.
If you need to carry data back and forth, or need to have a backup of your data for a long trip, having large storage and backup options on a memory stick is the way to go.
One more very important thing Make sure your data is password protected and encrypted.