Four Tricks To Increased Traffic. Better Copy. Improved Web Site. More Money

[Editor: We’ve asked Tyler Garns of online marketing/CRM company Infusion Soft to preview his four part “March Madness” series helping you increase traffic to your web site, have a better marketing message (copy), improve your web site and make more money.] March Madness is the time when NCAA basketball champions are born. Its the time when little-known players rise from the bench and make themselves known. Its the time when the fire is the hottest, the pressure is the greatest, and only the best are left standing in the end. This is college basketball’s most exciting time of the year. Its a time of celebration.
For entrepreneurs, there is no dedicated celebration time. Entrepreneurs and small business owners battle it out on the court all year long, under more intense pressure, and with more competition, yet the championship game rarely comes along.
This month, we’re declaring March Madness for Entrepreneurs.
Despite the economic situation and the doom-and-gloom attitude, true entrepreneurs are staying positive, growing their businesses, and making life better for all of us. In honor of them, we’ve launched a four-part March Madness Webinar Series. This webinar series is designed to give entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed in growing their business despite the conditions around them.
The webinars will be held each Tuesday of March starting on March 10th from 1pm PT / 4 pm ET until 2pm PT / 5pm ET. The webinar topics will be Mad Traffic, Mad Copy, Mad Website, and Mad Money. Attendees will learn how to drive mad traffic to their website, how to write mad copy to convert that traffic to sales, how to turn their website into a mad selling machine, and how to make mad money no matter what.
You can register now for the March Madness Webinar Series at
Next week, I’ll be presenting the Mad Traffic webinar to teach small businesses how to drive serious traffic to their website on a shoestring budget. I’ll cover some ninja search engine tactics to quadruple the clicks you get from search engine listings, how to harness the power of social media to get people to your site, internal and external linking strategies, and using partnerships to capture more market share.
Let me give a little preview:

In Google, occasionally you’ll see what is called a double listing. This is when two pages from the same site end up as results on the same page. The reason this is so powerful is because the second listing is always listed exactly below the first listing AND ITS INDENTED. This is key. Since the listing is indented it breaks up the flow of the page and the visitors eye is drawn to that listing. Double listings usually get more than double the traffic of a normal listing. This is a tactic I learned from Andy Jenkins at Stompernet and have used over and over again. Next Tuesday I’ll be sharing exactly how to get double listings for each of your keywords
Another tactic I’ll cover is how to get Google to display sitelinks for your listing. Sitelinks are when a the main pages of your site are listed as links directly beneath your main search engine listing. Sitelinks get even more traffic than double listings. They’re indented draw the eye’s attention just like double listings do, but the area is more prominent and gives the visitor more options. This tactic is easy to implement and provides amazing results.
You can register now for the March Madness Webinar Series at