sav.jpgI’ve been trying out Symantec Anti Virus 2009.
It’s fast and thin and I love it. I’ve tried a number of anti-virus products out over the years (McAfee, TrendMicro, Panda, CA) and really think that Symantec’s is the best anti-virus product out there – so far.
I do not write about products like this often, comparing one product to another, or writing about which one is “best”, but from time to time I do see a remarkable difference between products.
The main reason I don’t do product comparison articles is because I don’t usually do side by side reviews but simply provide you with the best information and introduce you to technology’s to help you grow your business.
Having said all of that, I’ve used competing products for a number of years and while they’re good products at protecting you, I’ve been annoyed with how they slowed my computer down. I purchased Symantec Anti Virus 2009 as I had heard that Symantec’s new release was designed, from the ground up to be faster than ever and use less system resources.
It’s met its goal quite well.