Learning Customer Segmentation from Coca-Cola

coca-cola-jacket.jpgCoca-Cola is one of the biggest beverage companies in the world. It’s competition ranges from people eating healthy (even though in recent years it is offering more healthy food and beverage options), to plain old water, to Pepsi.
One of the tools it uses to ensure it stay as competitive as possible, is a “Dell like” analyzing of where and how its products are place on store shelves.
Luisa Eichman, director of space planning services at Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) told The Industry Standard, The “science” part of the equation, she says, is “making sure you have the right product at the right price, and that your entire shelf is selling down evenly,” Eichman says. “If you have three days’ of supply of everything, and you replenish that shelf every three days, that’s the perfect nirvana position for everyone to have.”
What can YOU learn from this?
Instead of marketing to all your customers the same way, emailing them the same newsletter or giving them all the same telephone number, take some time to put your customers and products into groups.
You’ll find that maybe 20% of your customers, actually don’t read or want your newsletter at all. Maybe they would buy more if you sent a paper newsletter to them instead. Maybe you own a local carpet cleaning service. Instead of sending every customer the same bland marketing postcard. Why not send those who are in one bedroom, low rent, apartments one post card, targeted to them. Send another postcard to high rent, apartments and yet another post card to those with large homes.
My point is that instead of throwing all your customers into one bucket, segment them and market to their particular needs and expectations.