Multi-Function Printing: Great For Small Offices

brother-mfp.jpgMulti-function printers that let you scan, copy, fax and print are excellent for two reasons:

  • They save space
  • They save time and boost productivity (one device for everything)

While they are NOT what you would want if you have high volumes of any one task to do, MFPs (as they are abbreviated) are great tools for small work groups and small offices (such as home offices) that need to be productive in managing paper based tasks, but don’t want to spend a lot of money or have 3 or 4 different appliances in their offices.
Becky McCray at Small Biz Survival recently reviewed Brother’s MFC-6490CW printer..
She writes that the large paper format, 11 x 17 is a plus as well as the ability to load two different types of paper. On the other hand a few things were quite annoying. Such as having to open up the printer to connect the USB or Ethernet cable. You really should be able connect these cables without opening things up.
While the photo quality was great, the size was a bit bigger than Becky expected. Overall she feels this is a good printer for businesses who don’t need a full scale copy machine.
Printers are like cars, in my respects. Every new car has wheels, air conditioning, power doors and other basic and no so basic features. However, only after you drive a car for a while and use it with your family do you realize that one car has some neat feature or features that you love and another car has annoyances that make you want to get rid of it at the next junk yard.
And just like cars in similar classes, many look very much the same. Brother’s MFP looks so similar to HP, Cannon, Dell and Lexmark’s
If you can examine a MFP in your local store, BEOFRE buying it, you’ll be better off. Even then, you won’t get the full experience until you’ve used it for a few weeks.