Money Saving IT Tips for Small Business (Part 2)

piggy_coin.jpgInvesting money in IT solutions for your business can boost productivity, save money, increase customer satisfaction and more. It’s an area where you don’t want to skimp, but there are ways to save without losing productivity or functionality.
CDW has put together some money-saving IT tips for small businesses, which we are sharing in a series of 5 parts. We continue here with the second set of tips:

IT system/network administration/management:

  • Have your IT vendor pre-configure and asset tag products prior to delivery at you office.
  • Have your IT vendor configure or “ghost” your software onto hardware products prior to delivery.
  • Make use of hardware and software asset management tracking, often available free from your IT vendor.
  • Use free tools like Microsoft’s Software Update Services (SUS) patch management to keep systems up to date.
  • Create system images of your configurations, i.e. using Symantec Ghost, to restore systems instead of rebuilding/reinstalling software.
  • Use LogMeIn software to access or control a PC or Mac from a distance.
  • Consider outsourcing IT network administration for installation, support, maintenance and repair.


  • Use a Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliance instead of purchasing individual security solutions like firewalls, antivirus software, e-mail filters, etc.


  • Consolidate servers by using blades and virtualization to replace old, inefficient units, thereby saving money on power, cooling and space.
  • Bring in applications that can run on your current server along with other applications to avoid having to buy another server and save on power and cooling.

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