Recorded Presentations: When the Next-Best Thing to Being There is Just Perfect

microphone_studio.jpgSometimes you find yourself showing the same thing over and over and over and over and over again to various people. Maybe you do corporate training for staff, or have a product overview or FAQ demo for new clients. While speaking face to face is good, it’s not always necessary, and it doesn’t always need to be live and interactive. In those cases you might want to consider recording your presentation.
Citrix Online (providers of GoToMeeting) recently introduced a new application called GoView that lets users create a screen and audio recording of a presentation. The cool part is that you can then edit the recording by cutting out mistakes (too many “uh”s? mispronounced a name?) and adding annotations. Once the recording is ready, it can be shared with an unlimited number of viewers by emailing a link. The file is stored on Citrix’s servers so you don’t have any files to send or upload each time.
GoView is in currently in beta and can be tried out for free at

Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,