SaaS 2.0: The Next Wave Is Integration Between Applications

Software As A Service (SaaS) is the technology wherein you use applications hosted on the Internet and accessed via a web browser.
Email host, Intermedia introduced me to a new concept, SaaS 2.0 which is the concept of being “integration ready,” where customers can easily integrate hosted apps with one another and with on-premise software.
An Intermedia spokesperson told me that there are two parts to integration, data integration, and user management. For example Intermedia’s hosted email service, enables customers to integrate their on-premise Active Directory with Intermedia, so that there is a single repository across hosted and on-premise apps for user management, security and policy management. It also means that end users only have a single set of log on credentials to remember, rather than a unique combo for each application.
They went on to say that the benefits of SaaS 2.0 are mostly around simplicity. The main value prop for SaaS in the SMB market is cost savings, but utilizing SaaS without solving the user management issue causes complexity, and complexity means more costs. By solving the user management / integration problem, Intermedia is eliminating a huge layer of complexity from SaaS, thereby reducing costs, which is a huge benefit to SMBs.
As you consider implementing software as a service in your business, don’t just look at hosted applications as an island on their own, but ensure the the hosted application(s) can share data with other applications or server based software is important.
For example, there are many SaaS products and services but the REAL GEMS are those such as which are able to integrate with other services.

One thought on “SaaS 2.0: The Next Wave Is Integration Between Applications

  1. Treova

    This is the holy grail of SaaS. One of the biggest shortcoming of point solutions (hosted or locally-installed) is that over time they become difficult to integrate. They usually scale well in one direction only.
    So, the fundamental advantage of SaaS in this space becomes obvious when you realize that all subscription clients get immediate access to the integration solution – at once….how cool is that!
    Disclaimer – at Treova ( we make our living integrating and installing hosted software solutions.

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