Software Plus Service: 3 Million Can’t Be Wrong

officeliveworkspace.gifWe all know about hosted applications, cloud computing and software as as service (did I miss any iteration of this).
For those who don’t know, all of these names are the same thing. Using applications on the internet, instead of using traditionally installed software means that you can quickly provide access to applications to any authorized person who has a web browser. You don’t have to worry about newly installed software crashing your computer system.
Microsoft’s view of the world is not “software as a service” but “software plus service” – meaning using software (such as Microsoft Office) and having it complimented by hosted applications.
Microsoft Office Live enables you to create a workspace for sharing documents, creating a web site and more.
You can’t edit documents online, as you can with Google Docs but you download documents to Microsoft Office and then edit. When finished you save the documents to your office live workspace.
Microsoft has an extensive community of questions, answers and experts which helps you get the most out of Microsoft’s Office Live.
Microsoft reports that more than 3 million are now using Microsoft Office Live Workspace to share, store and work together (4 million are using Office Live services) and that Office Live Workspace is now available in 8 additional languages, bringing total to 28 languages. New: Hungarian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Serbian-Latin, Ukrainian, Slovak, Latvian, Slovenian.
Some new features include: Folders: users can now store, share, and manage documents better by using file folders within a Workspace. and increased file storage capacity: file storage has been expanded from 500MB to 5GB per subscription.
Microsoft Office and Office Live go hand in hand. You can use Word, for example to save to and open documents from your shared workspace. You can work in Office Live to comment on documents and manage access to documents and document versions.