Synchronization, Remote File Access, Backup or All? What Is Best For You?

Over the course of a few weeks, I’ll get information on a backup solution, remote file access solution, synchronization tool or all three services in one.
I’ve wondered what’s best? How should a business or solo professional know what’s best for them?
Bill Carey, VP of Siber Systems, creators of RoboForm & GoodSync gives his own answer: With a file server there is typically one location for a file in which many people can have access. Files are not generally locally maintained. In this environment, I would think best practices would be to backup that files server regularly to some other location so that the files exist in multiple places. With GoodSync, local files can be synchronized with a central location. Therefore there is always at least two copies of a file. With GoodSync you also get a lot more options. You can keep files synchronized between multiple computers, you can synchronize easily between a computer and flash drive, etc. So to me GoodSync generally seems like a better option since you can easily have multiple copies of files. Of course I’m biased. But at the same time I’m not sure I can tell you how to decide. I think it is an individual decision based on a company’s specific need.
As you are looking to provide you and your employees with viable options for access to their files and company files that aspect of which solution (synchronization or remote file access) will invariable come up.

My personal suggestion is that you have a central file server for all company files. Staff should be encouraged to save files to the central company server and all files should be backed up to the central server or elsewhere on a regular basis.
On the other hand, for those employees or contractors whose work is more independent and does not necessarily have to reside on a central server you might want to consider synchronization. They can work as they wish, on their local computers, save relevant files to one or more pre-defined folders and using synchronization software you can ensure their files are backed up AND at the same time available to them on a central server or to any other medium as Bill mentions above.
There is no “right” solution but there is the “best solution” for your business. Work with your local IT consultant to figure out what works for you. Keep in mind, you can try one solution for a few weeks and if that does not work out, try another solution.