The Bright Side of Not-so-Bright Times

One upside of the current economic situation is that there are some great deals being offered by companies to boost sales during the recession. Small businesses in a position where they can (or must) buy equipment now can take advantage of some nice offers and save a lot of money.
For example, Dell is offering a “zero percent $1 buy-out lease promotion” on some Latitude laptops and PowerEdge Energy Smart servers that appears to be a sweet deal. At the end of the lease term, customers can own the equipment for one dollar. The company is also offering other lease rotation programs with no payments for 90 days that let customers return or exchange the equipment once the lease is up, but still save up to 20 percent on overall cost of ownership.
Other vendors like HP are also offering special financing deals and promotions to small businesses. For instance, I just got an email offer this week for $200 cash back on a new HP printer when you trade in an old one.
Deals are out there – sign up for newsletters, check out the websites, and don’t forget to check with your IT consultant too – they are usually tuned in to the latest vendor news.