The Phone To Have When You Want To Leave Your Computer Behind

Pantech_Matrix_Pro_black_front.pngI’ve been using Palm’s Treo 750xw for some months now, it’s ok. Now that I know you should take the battery out every now and then so it does not freeze up during the day, it’s been working just fine. My main computing device is indeed a laptop computer and I don’t see myself ever using a phone as a replacement.
However, AT&T and and Pantech released a new phone, the Matrix Pro which is not only quite cool, its full of advanced productivity features. What got me really excited was the double sliding keyboard. It slides out one way for a fully QWERTY keyboard and another way for a traditional cell phone keyboard.
Features include: a compact new premium design with a larger and more brilliant LCD screen, a chat-style view of text messages, tri-band 3G for the best global coverage possible, an upgraded camera, more memory, a faster processor and AT&T Video ShareSM calling.
The press release states that customers in 3G coverage can also use AT&T Video Share to send live video during a phone call to a user with a compatible phone. With aGPS support for location-based services such as AT&T Navigator, the Matrix Pro can help you find your way with turn-by-turn directions. AT&T Navigator is available for a free 30-day trial2.
You’ll “never” really want to type a 500 word article on a small cell phone keyboard. However, the Matrix Pro, with it’s large screen, large keyboard, fast network and fast processor make it easier to leave your notebook (or even your netbook behind).