Two Email Services Join Forces For Your Benefit

Vertical Response is one of the leading email marketing services and it’s joined forces with Palo Alto’s Email Center Pro, a service to help you manage incoming email.
I normally don’t write about business development deals but this one warrants a mention as the power of email marketing and email management combining to offer a complimentary service is pretty neat.
Under the agreement, VerticalResponse’s email marketing solution will be integrated within Palo Alto Software’s Email Center Pro, an email response management tool, giving users the ability to easily communicate with their customers directly; minimizing the time it takes for an end user to transfer their contact information to an outside email marketing application.
Email Center Pro is one cool service. If you find that more than one employee needs to respond to the “sales@”, “press@” and other mail boxes, Email Center Pro helps you more easily manage this.
I wrote about Email Center Pro earlier, here.
What’s nice when complimentary services join forces is that you gain the benefit of the integration of the combines services. Maybe instead of copying and pasting between applications, you can exchange data seamlessly between the two applications.