Virtual Boardrooms – On The Cheap. High Quality.

Recently I was invited to attend a meeting, but i could not attend in person. I was given the option of attending via web video conference (as opposed to multi-thousand dollar stand alone system). Initially I thought my attendance at the meeting, in this virtual manner, would not go well. However once things got started, I really felt like I was in the meeting – the sound quality was great, the video image was quite clear – all went well.
The system I used, for this particular conference was by ooVoo. ooVoo is easy to use and quite feature rich, enabling up to six participants in the video conference. For your next meeting, when people cannot attend due to travel distance reasons you should try offering them the opportunity to attend virtually.
Since Fall 2008, I’ve started carrying in my bag a Logitech web cam. It’s crisp, clear and works quite well.
In this time, when millions of people are on edge, wondering if they will lose their job or when they will start working again, it is every so important to LEVERAGE technology as a tool to boost productivity, save money and overall DO MORE WITH LESS.
Remember my Six Technology Rules.
As I’ve said many times, NOTHING can replace face to face interaction but sometimes due to a tight budget or limited time you simply can’t be at a meeting. Leveraging the power of video conference can help. You don’t have to have a $5,000 corporate video conference system, nor a $100,000 Cisco Tele Presence live sized video conference system either.
Before using video conference in a major meeting, ensure you test the system out first.