When Plain Backup Does More Than Backup: Remote File Access

I’ve been using Carbonite for about 2 years now to backup my data. Thankfully I’ve never needed it. I like a few things about Carbonite:

  • It doesn’t slow down my computer
  • I know what files are backed up and what files need to be backed up by little icons on each file
  • it’s value priced – $50 a year for unlimited backup
  • It’s simple to use

Well last week it started offering more, for about the same price. Carbonite introduced a new feature that gives users access to those files remotely from any computer. Files can be accessed individually with just an Internet connection. Small business owners who are traveling and forgot a presentation or contract can easily access the file from the road. Instead of $50 per year you’ll now pay $55.
I have my computer with me all the time, so rarely am I missing a file, but it’s nice to know that for those times when I don’t have my computer with me or when I want to leave it behind, I can access my files from Carbonite. There’s many services cropping up, including Egnyte which offer varying degrees of remote file access. Unfortunately HP Upline discontinued their service.
Remote file access is not hard, as there are so many options. From Citrix’s Gotomypc (remote access to your computer’s desktop), to creating remote access through a traditional server and more. The key is what price are you willing to pay, how many users need to access the system, what kind of support do you need, and how robust and what features do you need. Look for more on this topic over the next few weeks.
Carbonite’s new feature includes unlimited backup plus remote file access, file versioning, backup scheduling and additional features such as restore search, which helps users easily find backed-up versions of lost files for a quicker restore. Restore search is part of Carbonite version 3.7 and is currently being rolled out to all Carbonite customers.