Archive of April 2009

Pirated Software: Have You Been Duped?

There are two types of buyers of counterfeit software: Those who totally know that what they are buying is fake or unlicensed – sort of like buying a designer handbag from the guy with a blanket spread on the sidewalk Those who buy counterfeit software in good faith that they are getting the real thing, […]

Slow and Steady Wins Online

By David Strom While many of us marvel at those Web sites and “viral videos” that take the Internets by storm and quickly gain viewership, I think the sign of truly successful sites are those that more slowly and incrementally gain their fans. The motto for today’s essay is that slow and steady will win […]

Sidebar Conversations Are Here to Stay

By David Strom My question for you today is this: when is it appropriate to have a sidebar conversation during a conference call or in-person meeting? By sidebar, I meet a parallel Instant Messenger chat session or texting someone or posting something to your Twitter feed. Whatever your tool of choice, you are sharing your […]

Changing Email Accounts Used To Be A Pain: Until Today

Changing email accounts is one of the messiest things you can do, technically, as a knowledge worker. Moving homes is pretty easy – all your friends can help. Changing your postal address is not too bad as the USPS forwards your mail to your new address pretty well. However, with your email account, your address […]

Tips To Buy the Right Printer Every Time

Printers, at first look, appear to be quite simple office appliances. You hit the “print button” and a few minutes later paper comes out. At the most basic level, sure, this is how a printer works. However, if you look beyond these basic needs you’ll find that there are dozens (probably over a hundred) different […]