Changing Email Accounts Used To Be A Pain: Until Today

Changing email accounts is one of the messiest things you can do, technically, as a knowledge worker.
Moving homes is pretty easy – all your friends can help. Changing your postal address is not too bad as the USPS forwards your mail to your new address pretty well.
However, with your email account, your address book might not move so easily to the new email account.
You don’t want to have to check two (or more!) email accounts on a daily basis.
Changing email accounts, on one hand is nice because all the old spam you receive is stopped but important email from those you WANT to receive email from is lost.
What can you do?
A new service, has released a solution that appears to solve all of this. The solution, laid out in 6 steps costs only $5. I excerpted the steps from their web site.
Analyze your old account collects this information from your old account and presents it in an easy to read format. This way, you can quickly decide how to handle each correspondent.
Tell some correspondents that you’ve moved
You probably don’t want everyone to know about your new address. We make it really easy to select who you want to notify – and who you don’t.

Watch for messages from people you care about
Invariably, people you want to stay in touch with will keep sending email to your old account. That means you have to remember to keep checking it. And when you reply you’re replying from your old account, which perpetuates the problem.
Give people you’ve overlooked a way to get back in touch
When someone who you haven’t approved emails your old account, our system sends them a message saying that you’ve moved, without telling them your new address. Instead, we direct them to a web page where they can say who they are and why they want to get in touch. We then forward that request to you for a decision. This way you protect your privacy without accidentally cutting off people you care about.
Build a clean, complete address book helps you figure out who to include in your new address book, then puts it in a format that you can easily import into your new account.
Keep watching
So includes their Account Monitor service for as long as your old account is still accessible – even after your subscription has expired.