Document Sharing and Viewing From A Web Browser: No Apps To Download

In most all of the online sharing web sites you come across, in order to read a Microsoft Office or PDF document you have to download the document and open it in in the associated application.
Think Free makers of a namesake Microsoft Office competitor has launched a new online suite of features through, Think Free Office Live Beta.
With this new tool you no longer have to download a PDF, Office document or several other file formats to view them. You can view them all within the Think Free Office Live environment.
Even better, these documents can be easily embedded into website or blogs for easier sharing. Imagine being able to provide your customers with a new level of document accessibility through this new tool.
Think Free Office Live beta also enables you to convert documents.
I took an Office 2007 Word document and converted it to text and PDF. The text conversion went well, except the line breaks were not recognized so the converted document was a mess. The conversion to PDF was just fine.
If you are looking to a) get away from installing huge software packages on your computer b) save money by not buying Microsoft Office c) have advanced document access features then looking at solutions such as Think Free and Zoho are what you’ll need to do. Think Free Office is a software suite costing $50. Think Free has other solutions for servers and online work as well. Zoho operates completely in the cloud and has about 20 applications (database, crm, word processor and more). Zoho is free for personal use, business users pay from $3 depending on the users and features they need.
For those who use Microsoft Office – I guess that’s 90%+ of business professionals, Microsoft’s Office Live Workspace is something you should check out.