Early Adoption Is Not For You: Let Others Test Technology First

testtube.jpgDozens, if not more, technology products are launched every day. From the brand new products to product upgrades we are in a constant spin of new products. However, as you consider technology purchases, especially in a tight economy don’t purchase technologies that are new to the market and haven not been proven. Unless you really know what you are doing.
If you’re a business whose culture has little patience for the quirks of technology or slowness of technical support – purchasing the first new gadget on the market is not advisable.
Having said that that are new products in mature product categories that are safe to use. For example, West Digital’s My Book World Edition is new. It’s an external hard disk that can attach directly to the network. Walt Mossberg writes about it here. Although it’s new, it is a mature technology.
On the other hand WiMax a wireless technology with faster speeds and a longer range than WiFi is based on proven technology but many of the parts needed to make it work are so new. For example, bMighty writes The bottom line is WiMax has reached an important crossroad. Clearwire has (at least theoretically) the money and the management team needed to deliver broadband wireless services to small and midsize businesses across the United States. The coming months will serve as a critical test for whether or not the carrier can complete the necessary work. At this stage, its success or failure is unclear.
Consequently, small and midsize businesses will be taking a risk by signing up for WiMax services

Keep these things in mind when purchasing technology: Does it save me time or money, make me more productive or add to better customer service. If it does, is the technology a “new” technology that I should wait a few weeks, months or years before investing in it.
If you decide the technology is for you a) consult with your local technology consultant b) roll it out to a few employees before implementing it to the entire company.