Giving Users A Voice In Your Product and Services: Digital Suggestion Box

Imagine if for your next family vacation you didn’t go where the kids wanted to go. Instead you and your spouse decided to go to museums for 5 days – bringing your 10 year old and 13 year old kids. What a disaster (for most kids) your vacation would be
Instead I’m sure you ask what they would like to do, or maybe you already know and incorporate their wishes into the family vacation and everyone has a great time.
For your business, the products and services you produce are not much different. Your customers are like your kids. It’s so important to get feedback from your customers.
Unfortunately, many businesses create products and only after a failed marketing campaign or resistance from customers do they realize what a mistake they made.
If they used a tool such as UserVoice to enable customers to comment and rate products or suggestions every product they made would be a hit. User Voice enables customers to voice their opinion about something and have other customers vote for it.

The key benefits that UserVoice provides are:

  • Start a conversation. Take action. Build raving fans.
  • Turn good products into great products
  • Create brand affinity. Turn customers into champions.
  • High quality feedback. Instantly aggregated from thousands of customers

Whether you use a system, such as UserVoice, or manually talk to customers, it is critical to get feedback from customers – before, during and after product development.
Consider using surveys as well. Many email marketing services, such as Campaigner, have survey tools built in. You could also use a service such as Survey Monkey.
Mine the intelligence of your customers. Turn their suggestions into profit. Turn their ideas into revenue.
Why plead ignorance when a product flops when you have the chance to get it right the first time by simply asking your customers?