Inside Dell and HP: Delighting Customers and Excellent Customer Service

Both Dell and HP continue to provide a range of solutions, services and support to customers, especially small businesses, These “pc vendors” provide more than just computers but provide a wide range of non hardware services to their customers as well.
One of the most important parts of Dell and HP’s continued push to increase the wallet share in their current customers and market share overall (new customers) is the customer support that each company provides to their customers.
When you consider what companies you want to purchase technology from, it is SO VERY IMPORTANT to not purchase technology based on what is the cheapest solution or other individual metrics. But what you must consider is the total focus and overall strategic aspects of the company. Companies that are focused on serving your needs and over the top customer service are the ones you want to look at. If you’re just purchasing one $149 printer you might not have to think so much about the company behind it, and you can go to Staples and grab anything off the shelf.
However, for the technology that will serve as the core of your business, and this very well could be printers which are critical parts of the technology ecosystem, then the technology company powering your technology is critical.
In an interview earlier this month, Tim Griffin, VP of Global SMB Services talks about Dell’s outlook on customers and service. He said that Dell’s goal is to delight customers. To this end, Dell offers a range of customer centric offerings to ensure customers are indeed delighted. You can find the full range of Dell’s small business services, ProSupport, here. Dell’s wants to manage a customer’s environment so that Dell can anticipate and solve problems before the customer is interrupted.
HP was ranked as one of the top 25 customer service business in a recent Business Week ranking. Tara Bunch, HP’s Worldwide Vice President of Imaging and Printing Customer Support Operations talks more about HP’s drive for customer service.
Tim Griffin, VP of Global SMB Services, Dell

Tara Bunch, HP’s Worldwide Vice President of Imaging and Printing Customer Support Operations about HP’s use of technology for advancing customer service:
Tara: Many agents use remote diagnostic tools during support calls. Instead of giving customers a lot of cryptic instructions to follow, they “take over” the desktop to identify and fix the problem remotely. Our customer satisfaction ratings on those calls rose by 20 percent. That’s based on the surveys we send out after every call.
We’re also investing in an entirely new interactive voice response (IVR) system so customers can get to an agent faster and more easily.

Further, we provide HP-hosted, user-driven communities where customers can interact with each other online. For example, users tap into the HP Consumer Support Forums to get how-to tips, discuss topics and solve problems. They’re fast becoming a preferred method for customers to find answers.
There are 28,000 registered members and, since November, more than 42,000 posts. It’s a win/win situation: Customers are happy and it’s more cost-effective than a service call by an order of magnitude.
We recently expanded language options for the forums and started to run forum classes where members “Meet the Experts” to learn about setting up home networks, wireless printing or other topics. All this helps show customers that we care about enhancing their experience with HP products – and that builds loyalty in any economy.

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  1. Frank Durante

    Just stumbled across this article and had the biggest laugh of the week. Have been playing “its not my job” with Dell customer service for the last 10 days. Called for some technical support, and Dell representative insisted on a credit card number before he would allow me to even describe the issue. After exchanging information, tech told me he couldn’t help but I could send in computer for repair for $179. I declined. A charge of $179++ has appeared on my credit card. Despite numerous calls to Dell, each party transfers me to different department, each asking the same info over and over, and then transferring me again, until they finally disconect me. Its like a bad movie!! So far, I have found no one at Dell with the slightest interest in assisting me.
    By the way, their online chat help says they are closed, and to try again at some future date!!

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