NetBooks and Wireless Broadband: Every Mobile Professional Should Have It

As far as tech gadgets are concerned, iPhones and BlackBerry’s have “all” the popularity it seems. However, in the world of small business (and consumers) Netbooks, with prices below $500 are increasingly popular.
They’re small, affordable and functional – once you get used to the small screens and keyboards.
As your company is looking into what technology to invest in, consider issuing every employee that travels locally or long distance a Netbook with wireless broadband.
For the last two weeks, I’ve been using ONLY hosted applications and the experience, in some ways is better than using software. There sure is a lot less for Carbonite to backup.
The benefit of NetBooks combined with hosted applications means that the NetBooks becomes a true, almost disposal appliance, like a cell phone. If it’s lost or stolen, there’s no worry about data being compromised. As long as the user has access to the Internet, hence my advocating built in wireless broadband, they can access all the applications they need through the Internet.
In some scenarios using traditional software is a must. For example, try editing or viewing more than a handful of photographs online? It’s too slow.
We live in a world still dominated by Microsoft Office applications. So depending on the employee’s day to day work, they might have to use Word, PowerPoint or Excel and save the file to a local hard disk. But guess what, having it automatically backed up to a server or using a system such as eGnyte will ensure that everything saved to the local drive is instantly available online and/or easily shared with their colleagues.

The NY Times writes An unexpected group of companies has emerged to help drive this transformation — firms like Qualcomm, Freescale Semiconductor and Samsung Electronics, which make cheap, power-saving chips used in cellphones and are now applying that expertise to PCs.
As in any revolution, the current rulers of the kingdom — Intel and Microsoft, which make the chips and software that run most PCs — face an unprecedented challenge to their dominance. Microsoft is particularly vulnerable, since many of the new netbooks use Linux software instead of Windows.

It’s very important that you ensure your company can also harness the world of wireless mobility and hosted applications. Your traditional server, using a VPN can provide remote file access or using services such as, HyperOffice, WebEx and other solutions you can pay a low monthly fee and have file sharing features, collaboration and so much more.

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  1. Ronald the net addict

    It’s a good idea to have your employee issued a netbook when traveling especially if it’s equipped with wireless broadband. It’s a more convenient way to communicate and gather data and information than by just using cellphones.

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