Website Reengagement: A Big Word That Really Means Something To Your Customers and Revenue

behappy.jpgHave you heard of the word “web site reengagement”? This is not a cute little screen that pop-ups up on the customer’s screen when they get ready to leave their shopping cart without making a purchase.
What this means is that when customers leave your web site you will first of all know who they are and secondly be able to send them a very targeted email about specials, discounts, and other things.
We were alerted to this from eWayDirect, an email marketing company who sells this technology.
As all businesses are fighting for every dollar and cent, investing in technology that can increase revenue and build customer loyalty is so important.
One thing that comes to mind when thinking of this technology, is privacy. Is this an invasion of privacy of customers who might feel a bit “weird” being this closely monitored or tracked?
eWayDrect’s technology brings to mind Genius who has technology which lets you track in real time who is on your web site.
If your customers know what you’re doing and feel that in exchange for their privacy they get better service, discounts or other perks most will not mind.
If you are looking for a way to go way beyond email as usual, these type of technologies must be considered.
Other tools to help you “re-engage” your customers are from Infusion CRM and John Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing Book a true gem.