When Buying Computers: They’re Not All The Same

acerx270.jpgFor the most part all computers are the same – take a desktop computer from Dell, HP, Acer and you’ll find very similar features looks and feels. On the surfe. It’s like two $40,000 cars – pretty much quality all around.
However as you use the computer and dig deeper into the hood you’ll find that its the small things that make up the greatest difference in the computer’s overall design, functionality and features.
For example, I was reading about Acer’s new Veriton X270 desktop computer. It focused on four areas:
Space saving design, Audio/visual, Management and Security, Connectivity
You can buy desktop computers that cost, at a base, over $1,000 but for every day business use, finding a machine that’s less than $500 (as this compute ris) but that has all the features you need and then some is best. The warranty is quite limited (one year and limited on site support. However, if you have a good local IT consultant (and you do – right?) The warranty is not a big issue.
Whether you buy Dell, HP or Acer, the important thing, if you want to maximize your investment is to ensure you purchase after you’ve given some thought to what’s beyond the surface. Even for technology where there appears to be no big difference, look beyond the “book cover” and of course discuss with your local IT consultant.

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    Thanks for sharing this post. I love to have computers and I am planning to have my own for my personal use as well as on job. Thanks for sharing this idea. I have found ideas on computer guide in other sites too. Keep it up!

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