Your Vendor’s Community Is Not Just A Marketing Ploy: Get Help, Support, Education & More

Recently Sage announced the launch of the Sage SalesLogix Online Community a hub for CRM Knowledge Sharing.
How many of you participate in a hub or community of your vendor? How many contribute and help other employees or how many of you ask questions?
Some vendor hubs can be a ghost town, but some hubs or communities are serious centers of knowledge.
For example Intuit’s QuickBooks community is a Grand Central like hub of activity and resources. Inuit’s is now house within Intuit’s QuickBooks community and it is also a treasure of rich information.
Microsoft’s community has been around for ages and is in fact based on an older online discussion board. I had a look at the Office community and its has fresh posts from users and experts.
Dell’s community form is here and is full if all sorts of information to help you use social media, technology overall and of course chat about Dell’s product offerings.
A Sage senior vice president talks about Sage’s community below:

If you’ve ever wanted get more out of a product. If you wander how other businesses in your industry are maximizing their use of the product. If you need technical support. If you want to connect with insiders, experts and the engineers who have created the product, a vendor community is a great starting point.