All Tech Investments Are Not Equal: Don’t Be Fooled By Recession Deals

I recently got an email from an email security (anti-spam, anti-virus, etc) company sharing with me the results of their 500+ person survey.
The survey indicated that a) email threats were the biggest challenges to their customers and b) that small businesses acknowledged that spending on IT was the best way to spend their money in an economic dip.
I disagree and something doesn’t sound quite right.
Sure, email security is very important, but if you did not have good email security before the economic slowdown, I don’t see why you would invest in email security now that we are in a slump.
Spending on IT is a good investment, but “spending on IT” is not in and of itself a good investment. It is finding those things that can boost profitability, reduce expenses and enhance your value to customers that are the investments you should focus on.
What you must be careful of are the tech marketers who are turning the recession into a marketing ploy.
Don’t be pushed into spending money, especially money you don’t have on a new server, or new telephone system, because some tech vendor or your local IT consultant said that you should spend money because the economy is tight.
Instead, and even more so in these rough times invest money on those technologies that will do the most to ensure you KEEP YOUR CUSTOMERS and GET THEM TO SPEND MORE. This is very important.
While email security is important, and I assume you have at least basic email security (anti-virus on your computers/servers), there is no need to rush out and invest money in a solution because a vendor is pushing you to spend the money and showing you what “studies” indicate.
Be a smart shopper – in a down economy and in a fertile economy.