Bringing Social Interaction To Customer Support Software

helpstream.gifMost of us need the customer service help of mainly large companies – your utility, your local giant retailer, phone company, cable service, computer vendor and others like that. These companies have large budgets and spend hundreds of thousands (plus) of dollars on customer service technology (not including the staff needed). Of course many times the customer service is still miserable as they do not have Zappos like customer support STAFF.
In any case, there’s small businesses selling all sorts of products and service and they need to provide support to their customers. They have similar needs as the larger companies – with fewer resources. Think about copy machine vendors, coffee machine retailers and so many others. They need good, affordable technology to provide the best customer service possible to their own customers.
I was recently clued into customer service software published by Helpstream. I’m not comparing it to competing software, but I thought it was interesting enough to share with you.
I thought Helpstream was pretty neat (and again maybe other solutions offer these features) in that it lets a customer support person help a customer in several different ways:

  • It shows related (and I presume) solved tickets that relate to the ticket the support agent is looking at
  • It brings in blog/web search results that are related to the ticket
  • For a solution(s) that is already in your knowledge base, Helpstream can send the customers a checklist, which enables the customer support representative to know the status of the customer’s support issue. For example, did they resolve the problem? did they get stuck at step 5 of 10? If the user needs further help with a step they can ask for help with that step.

If you need to provide support to customers, Helpstream appears to be quite an interesting solution. Read their blog post about Social Customer Service