Internet Week in New York City: What You Can Learn to Grow Your Business

internetweek.jpgSo many cities across our great country get excited about pumpkin contests, pig catching days, log rolling and other things quite foreign to us New Yorkers (adopted or not).
However, if you want to host great business events, New York City leads the pack. For example, it is host of Internet Week.
Internet Week is an annual event lasting one week, based on ground roots activities, and organized by the International Academy of Arts and Sciences. IW encourages businesses, non-profits and individuals to do whatever they can do (events, parties, seminars, etc) focused on the Internet.
For example, my friends at The Hatchery and Columbia University are hosting Hatch Match, an evening of facilitated networking with New York’s leading web/Internet/IT investors and advisors. If you are a startup and want to get advice and money, The Hatchery is a great organization to be connected to.
Or maybe you’re wondering how in the world you can do so much with a VERY limited budget? Where else can you find the Co-Founders of burgeoning internet sensation,, discuss the art of building a successful start-up company with limited resources. At InternetWeek. Find out more information here.
What’s the one thing everyone carries around? Their cell phone. During Internet Week join the mobile marketing conference and learn everything you want to know, or more than you ever want to know about leveraging mobile advertising to grow your business. Check out more here.
By the way – If you have a GREAT web site, apply for a Webby Award (also organized by the International Academy of Arts and Sciences and see if you can be awarded and given the recognition your web site deserves.
Considering hosting your own internet related event – get new clients, show the ones you have that they are special, let your employees know they are special. Do something – get involved.