Looking For Innovation (even small ones) in Desktop Computers

Computers are tools we all must use. On the other hand, we can all agree our day to day use of computers is not always a perfect solution.
They crash, they don’t work as they should and we lose our work at times. The problem, for the most part, is the combination of Windows operating system software and the applications we install, often cause conflicts with one other.
To mitigate these problems, PC vendors are making it easier for users to backup their data. You might be interested in an interview I did with David Friend, CEO of online backup company Carbonite here.
Most PC vendors include a recovery CD with their computers, which enables you to easily restore your computer’s operating system and files to the same way it was when you bought it.
On example of a little innovation that can make things easier for small businesses owners is from Acer. They made the process of restoring your PC to its initial state much easier with their Acer One-Button Recovery (OBR) function which removes the hassle associated with backing up and/or restoring a PC’s data.
If the PC’s operating system files are lost or damaged, the recovery process can restore the Veriton’s original factory default settings or to the last system backup with the touch of a button.
The new productivity-enhancing design features can be found on three new desktops, including the Veriton M265, Veriton M421G and Veriton M670G.
Acer is not the only computer vendor innovating, but each PC vendor is doing those little, but very important things, to make your computer experience better and more productive.
In order to find out how these gems of productivity affect your business, or even if they are in the particular computers you are purchasing, it’s best to try them out for a few days before making a huge purchase.