Making Videos That Look Good Boosts Your Image. It’s Time To Upgrade Your Video Production.

video-start.jpgSince video production and hosting are easier to produce than ever, more of you are creating your own videos as marketing tools for clients.
Hosting on YouTube, or other video hosting sites makes video sharing easy. Video cameras that save videos to hard disks and easily transfer to computers make the entire video production easier than capturing a video from a tape-based disk to the computer. ( has a list of flash drive video cameras here)
Creating basic videos with no captions, backgrounds or other professional enhancements is not necessarily a “must”, but if you want to be taken seriously by your customers (or prospects) it’s important that your video looks as good as possible.
Your video does not have to be professionally produced, but in the same way that you would not create your own business cards from index cards, you should consider improving the overall quality of your videos.
To do this, you could use the free video editing program, Windows Movie Maker, that is built into Windows XP / Vista. But if you want to take video editing to an entirely different level you might want to consider a video editing tool that lets you select a background, making your video look much better.
Video Presenter, for example comes with a “green screen” that you lets you customize the background you want for your video – very similar to your local weather forecaster. You can add whatever background you want.
At the much higher, and more complicated end, Adobe Premiere enables you to do a full range of professional video editing on your videos. The product is more expensive ($800) and complicated for the average computer user, but in the hands of someone who takes the time to learn it, it’s one of the best video editing programs on the market.
Cnet reviews a range of other video editing tools – with various prices and features.
I’ve been using The Flip video camera to create videos of technology executives As you’ll see on the videos, they are not fancy, no captions or nice backgrounds. I’ll be using a professional video editor to improve the look of these videos.