Netbooks Give Remote Computer Access New Life: Bring Desktop Computing To Netbooks

Remote access to ones desktop computer has been around for a long time.
Symantec PC Anywhere, Laplink, Logmein, Gotomypc and others all give users the option of accessing their desktop computers from afar.
However, with the growth of netbooks, remote control software developers are finding new uses for these old products.
Since netbooks are designed to be light on processing power and hard disk space, they are not ideal devices for running full scale applications. However, by accessing these applications, which are on your desktop (office) computer, through a remote access program, you might get more out of your netbook than you think.
With more and more computers with built in wireless broadband and of course able to access the Internet wirelessly, accessing your applications on a remote PC, from a netbook might not be as improbable as it sounds.
Logmein’s press release reads LogMeIn is now offering netbook manufacturers and wireless broadband service providers the ability to deliver the power of desktop computing on a netbook. The new LogMeIn Partner Program for Netbooks allows OEMs and wireless operators to pre-install LogMeIn products for remote access and support on the netbook, giving users simple, one-click access to their full-featured remote PC or Mac, and providing IT service providers with easy access to support netbook users.
Ideally, accessing a hosted application is the best way to go, but accessing an application on your desktop, through remote PC access could be a decent compliment.