Skype for Business Competition – Share Your Story and Win

I remember when Skype first came out – it was cool but seemed like more of a novelty. Why bother using an online service to make free phone calls when pretty much anyone I needed to call was covered by my flat rate long distance plan? (Clearly I have no international friends, but that’s not the point of this particular article.)
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However, today Skype is a full-fledged communications solution for business, offering phone calls, instant messaging, video calls and conference calling, all in one software.
If you’ve already discovered the awesomeness of Skype and are using it in your own business, they want to hear from you. The company just launched a contest for Skype business customers and want stories of how you’re using the tools in innovative ways to save time, save money or stay ahead. For example, check out this video about Australian surfing company Rip Curl.
Here are the details:
Using Skype in the office? We want to hear about it! Enter the Skype for Business Contest now through June 15. Share your Skype story and be eligible for product and monetary prizes.
Here’s how it works:
Step 1: Visit to enter.
Step 2: Fill out the online questionnaire to provide details on how your business is using Skype.
Step 3: Prizes awarded to the top-three entries:

  • First Place: Skype for Business consultancy, Business Control Panel (BCP) account, Skype Certified hardware products up to the value of $1300.
  • Second Place: BCP account with $250 Skype Credit and Skype Certified hardware products up to the value of $400.
  • Third Place: BCP account with $130 Skype Credit and Skype Certified hardware products up to the value of $130.

For more information, visit

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One thought on “Skype for Business Competition – Share Your Story and Win

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