40% Of “Work” At Work Is Not Work: What Can You Do To Boost Your Employee’s Online Productivity

In a recent press release, Cyberpatrol, a company specializing in web site monitoring and blocking software writes While IDC estimates that between 30% and 40% of all time spent online at work is not work related, many SMBs still remain unaware of not just the security threats that can result from non-work related employee activity on the Internet, but the fact that business owners can be held liable for what their employees are doing online on work computers. The level of security that smaller organizations have in place is no longer enough, and SMBs have become the number one target for cyber criminals.
While it’s fine that you allow employees to use some work time to check up on personal email and update their Facebook pages every now and then, spending almost half of their online time, NOT doing work is a huge drain on your company’s productivity and a waste of your employee’s time.
Cyberpatrol recently release Site Surv 3.5, a hosted and configurable version of their popular software that lets small businesses, starting at $119 per year, manage what their employees do online
Cyberpatrol is not hard for your office tech or local consultant to setup. You simply point your router to use the “Internet address book” (or DNS) of Cyberpatrol, instead of your ISP.
SiteSURV uses 44 categories of web sites, including 8 of which are always blocked as part of a default profile setting. SiteSURV 3.5 allows business owners to edit this default profile, as well as giving them the ability to create, edit or delete additional profiles from a pull down menu of 36 additional categories of web site. Categories always blocked by SiteSURV are; Adult, Alcohol and Tabacco, Error or Blank, Gambling, Hacking and Warez, Illegal Activities, Parked Domains, and XXX.
Managing what your employees do online is NOT just about “bad web sites”, it’s also about protecting your company from hackers, malicious software and viruses.