American Idol for Business: What’s Your Rank on Forbes’ Most Promising Company List?

Forbes and HP are looking for America’s most promising companies. Whether you are “the” most promising or not. Filling out the survey gives you a personal ranking of how your company compares to other companies.
“America’s Most Promising Companies.” launched in May and a new related editorial section within the Entrepreneurs channel, called Promising Companies, is available at: HP is the preferred technology partner and sponsor of the America’s Most Promising Companies ranking.
As part of the new feature, is teaming with The Venture Alliance (TVA), a boutique investment advisory to early-stage companies that has developed the most comprehensive free assessment survey on the market. This tool will help determine a company’s potential – including how fundable it is – and will provide guidance to entrepreneurs on how to make their businesses even more attractive to potential investors. “Working with TVA’s proprietary scoring algorithm to identify a list of America’s Most Promising Companies ensures that the ranking is grounded in the kind of real-world analysis typically performed by professional investors,” said Nelson. The survey is available at:
Brett Nelson, Entrepreneurs Editor of Forbes, and who I met at a recent Business Matchmaking event said that, “Rather than pay thousands of dollars to a business consultant, with our survey entrepreneurs can answer straightforward questions on a Web-based form and quickly receive a meaningful look at how their companies might look to a professional investor. It will be the most important hour entrepreneurs will invest in their businesses this year.”
The new section will feature a video-recorded celebrity roundtable of business luminaries who will discuss pressing issues on the minds of millions of entrepreneurs, among other related content. Guiding discussion themes may include how to raise money, cash management/re-investment strategy, the secret to innovation, bolstering morale, how to thrive in a downturn, how to use technology to benefit business, and the role of government.